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Welcome to Dream Build Success, our mission is to build business women of faith globally.


It’s your turn, I want Dream Build Success to show you that you can do “business” God’s way. You can start using your systems you learn and faith to execute your dreams. You can grant yourself the title you’ve been yearning for. You can call yourself a teacher, a speaker, a creator, and profit-focused businesswoman.


You can learn how to do all of that with us here. We are the hub for business owners who are bold and not ashamed of their FAITH. You can, you truly can build that business that you’ve been tucking away in your thoughts for years. You can do it, and we’re here to help you.

As the Founder, I’ve had the vision a bit of good opportunity to market a million dollar brand. Also, to win a couple of awards like “2013-2015 Top Tax Professional Year”, Smahrt Girl Icon Award, and “2016 Top 40 to Watch”.


But more importantly, I’ve had the honor to work with many individual women like yourself, who were looking for help to heal their brokenness, implement their strategies, or creating a strategy, being bolder in their industry, while not compromising her Christian beliefs.

If you’re looking for something like that, click here and we’ll chat to see if your needs and my skills are a fit.


“Allow God to use you!”



About Us

who we serve

Dream Build Success educates, empowers and inspires women entrepreneurs to become better business owners.

Dream  Build Success will provide an opportunity for women in their late 20’s to early 50’s to participate in innovative activities, training, live events, and workshops.



Women will have a chance to enhance their personal and professional networks, learn strategies for faith, success and strengthen the bond with their fellow entrepreneurs. Our goal is to provide guidance, support, and resources for women entrepreneurs.



As the founder of Dream Build Success, I’ve been fortunate to work with many companies with an average budget of 5-13 million dollars in the corporate world. The one thing I understand extremely well, vision, whether in corporate America or not must have a system, strategic plan, and process in place.  I have been blessed to work for the private sector and with a government agency. But more importantly, I’ve had the honor to work with many individual women like yourself, who were looking for help build their faith, business goals, or creating a strategy, being more innovative in their industry, leveraging technology to scale her business or creating and packaging up her awesome to sell to her audience.



If you’re looking for something like that, click here and we’ll chat to see if your needs and my skills are a fit.


If this feels like home, and you want to dig right in, you probably will want to start with our blog here

or pick up our FREE course created to give to all of our visitors here.


Welcome to Success.



Let’s Work!





what we do

WHAT WE DO: Through Events, Courses, Online Training, Coaching, Spiritual Development, Launch their Dreams and Build Platforms That Speak Volumes and Heal.


Our training and development focus on life, career, ministry.


Our faculty and team of experts teach on topics such as marketing, ministry, branding, sales, business, clarity, money, wealth development, media, proposals, publishing, product creation, influence and more.  We specialize in cultivating environments for an increase. for profitability.

Tina Evans

I went from living paycheck to paycheck to 5 figures! The confidence of all the people in the room is contagious! Everyone being transparent, naked, and unashamed really stood out to me. You definitely leave there educated and empowered.

Judy B.

I was giving up! It was something about being in that room with leaders who had such an impact on me and my thoughts and feelings about myself. I left feeling like I could accomplish anything and that I too one day will lead and teach!!! This was honestly the first conference I’ve ever attended and it was great!!!


Seneca Wilson

Before consulting with LaShanda, I had no idea how I would make my dream happen. I only knew I had a dream that seemed impossible. I decided to ask for help, this is when the expert stepped in, I went from making zero dollars to twenty-four dollars in one year in my business. Her programs have changed my life, family, and entire ministry.

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