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{Free Webinar Class} The course is going to be an introduction to my success class that I normally teach to my success students. Your time is more important than your coins and this class is going to give a great return on investment. Class Starts Thursday @8PM CST

Class Covers:

Clarity and Vision

Marketing and Branding

Pushing Profits and Sales

Questions and Answer

The FREE CLASS is changing the business game for entrepreneurs. It’s time to upgrade your business, brand, career, and ministry. Your business needs an upgrade! Learn the mindset, moves, and methods to having a successful business model.

Let’s take a moment, if you stumbled across this blog, 9 times out of 10 you have considered the question, “Is my brand not appealing to my audience? ” I’m here to provide you guys with useful, as well as action steps so sometimes we must address the elephant in the room.

Is Your Brand Unattractive?

I hate to say it but some of the ones I have seen are, and it could be blocking your bank. Now when I say ugly I don’t mean just how it looks, but how it is set up. What are some things that make up an attractive brand?

1. Clear theme. What colors have you picked for your brand? Is there a meaning behind it? Are the colors showcased throughout all of your social media platforms and your website? Is your styling easily recognized?

To stand out in the market your brand must represented uniquely.

2. Image quality. Are you putting your best images forward?

As an online businesses your photos are often all a potential client has to judge the quality of your business. Are you requesting premium prices with blurry, dimly lit photos, obvious screenshots, or pixelated?

Poor images create the expectation of poor quality.

3. Business speak. Though most of us have graduated high school and college, using proper grammar, spelling, and tone are key elements to presenting your brand at its best.

Would you buy from a page full of errors, misspellings and slang? Most likely not, and that’s understandable. Presentation is key.

Overall your brand, especially how it is viewed online becomes a major key in your business. Don’t let simple fixes create a bad impression! Sign up for a brand audit if you need help!

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