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In any aspect of life, it is very resourceful to know your worth. It is even more helpful when you show gratitude for that worth! However you worship, meditate or celebrate; do you ever praise your worth? Do you praise your worth in the good and bad times? I’ve always loved to write, but I didn’t love myself as a writer when I had writer’s block! (It’s not real… it’s a trick of the enemy.) I would be my worst critic.

That is until I took it upon myself to always be not only my biggest cheerleader but also act as my own next employer. How? When I may feel down about my position in my career, I was encouraged to update my resume! That alone lifted my confidence. Try it. You’ll look at your resume like, that’s me? Yes, you did THAT. It is in those moments where simply praising gratitude for your skills is self-rewarding.

Having trouble being your own cheerleader? Let’s start with what is important. You. What are you passionate about? What do you love to do outside of work when you have free time? How fascinating would it be to make money from something you would love doing for compensation or not? Evaluate your daily life. Organize your priorities. If working hard for that company doesn’t bring you joy, discover things about yourself that can enhance your work experience. Bring ideas to your employer that will prove you are interested in being with the company full-time/ long-term.

That didn’t help? Take a thirty-day cleanse. No, not from food (even though a healthy diet helps encourages a better thought process). Instead, find what your guilty pleasure is. Are you a social media addict? Try fasting from the Status Updates, Selfies, and the Hashtags. Use that web surfing time wisely. Research what you are passionate about. Find out about local area classes, events and more. Are you a reality show addict? Try fasting from watching so much drama and allow time to bring in positivity to your home. It may seem hard but if your hard work for your job isn’t bringing you happiness or appreciation, it will affect you sooner than later. It is a great quality to be a hard worker, but it is beautiful self-gratification when you are working hard for the happiness within yourself.



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