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Love Like Jesus by Trusting

Hi Glam Fam,

It’s been a quiet week here on but a busy one at G. Services & Design HQ. We are planning for some large events. I can’t wait to share the brilliant things we created with you.

This week it was time for G. Services & Design to prepare for the fall transition on how our design team continues to project inspiration through beautiful things.

As many of you know I am a Girl on Fire for Jesus! Well this week I went to a special meeting with my ministry. I feel so impacted about the love of Christ and for his people. “God is so good… all the time” as my mother would say.

So as I looked over my notes, I thought how can we love like Jesus? If we are the image of him, how do we really exude the character of him? Then since we are supposed to love our neighbors as ourselves, where is the love. It appears that we live in a society that loves drama, hatred, and evil.

Surrendering and abiding are things we can do only through the power of the Holy Spirit. He dwells in baptized believers, guiding us to the right decision and giving us the grace to trust God. When we see a selfless Christian who can love like Jesus, we can be sure that person is abiding in Christ and he or she is in them. What would be too hard on our own, we can do through this act of abiding. We continue to abide by reading the Bible, praying and being in fellowship with other believers. In this way, our trust in God is built up.

love upside down

Like branches on a vine, our Christian life is a growth process. We should be maturing more every day. As we abide in Jesus, we learn to know him better and trust Him more. Cautiously, we reach out to others. We love them. The greater our trust in Christ, the greater our compassion will be. This is a lifelong challenge. When we are rebuffed, we have the choice to draw back or give our hurt to Christ and try again. Abiding is what matters. When we live that truth, we can begin to love like Jesus.

So it is my prayer that we will all learn to trust the love of God inside of us!!



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