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Meet me on Friday, I will be teaching a power packed session! I am going to speak about, “You are Built for This… Designed to Influence.”

The Dream Team and I are super excited about this 3 day retreat. To purchase your tickets visit today.

Ladies and gentlemen… Let’s EXCEED THE VISION!



Women Empowering Change Founder Shunte Gamble

Shunte Gamble is a business mogul, co-founder of My Beautiful Family Inc. and Women Empowering Change, editor-in-chief of BBU! Magazine™ and WEC Business Journal, author, fashion designer, and certified Texas Educator.  Shunte has been the awarded as Houston’s Business Professionals and recognized as HEAVP’s 29 Women in Business Women that Rock.  She has also been featured on Live Well Network. Shunte is dedicated to providing community support through volunteering, fundraising to support charities both local and statewide, professional development for small business owners and entrepreneurs, and social outings designed to empower and uplift. Proceeds raised will benefit their Fundraising for Hope (FFH) programs.  

“Through my passion of event planning and hosting, I have had remarkable experiences and connections that have allowed me to give back to various communities in need. I love creating an atmosphere that encourages laughter, smiles, uplifted spirits, and joy.

My journey began in 2010 with the release of my first book “Therapy for Your Soul Book of Poetry”.  I set out to share my personal testimony of finding my way as a young single mother back to God in through writing. I knew I wanted to do more than host book signings. I wanted to host events that empowered those attending, spotlight others, and gave back.

In 2012, I debuted the first annual Total Beauty Ladies Event with purpose of fundraising for breast cancer awareness. With the success of this event, I took a step to grow this event into an operating company with the mission to produce quality events and programs that offer consistent philanthropic support to families.

In 2014 we introduced Beautifully Being U! Magazine as a voice of the community and our fundraising efforts. The following year we launched Women Empowering Change to provide programs and assistance for those in need. I enjoy the growth we have been able to see and the lives touched by our support.

I am also the mother of three beautiful children, a full-time educator, designer, and a published author. I love creating, whether it is an event, piece of jewelry, or story. Whatever I can envision, I replicate through attention to detail and focused passion.”

“We all have a gift that can enrich this world. When we share our gifts we all benefit.” -Shunte

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