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So today is the start of a SUPER ambitious goal of mine for 2017. I would like to work with MORE entrepreneurs on their business strategy, planning and marketing.

To do this, I will be offering live classes, events, and webinars to work hand in hand with business owners as a group and NOW, I’m offering the opportunity to be on the WAIT-LIST for my first ever virtual business class, “Branding With the Boss!” leave your email below!

I have taken the time to list 21 Must Have Business Tools for your growing brand and business:

1.How To Build A Brand Strategy Template

2. Ultimate Guide to Delivering Value

3. How to Write a Cover Letter

4. How to Write A Contract

5. How to Start A Blog

6. Marketing Campaign

7. Online Marketing

8. Social Media – Management Tool

9. How To Create A Landing Page

10. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

11. Register for A Trademark & Copyright

12. Logo Design

13. Cellphone 

15 Business Cards

16. Google Voice

17. Ring Central

18. USB 

19. Virtual Assistant

20. Social Media Manager

21. How To Find Capital

Cheers to the 21 must have business tools! I hope this list helps! I will be posting some different business tools that you can use this month. Please leave me feedback, I really enjoy reading your comments and answering your questions.

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LaShanda Gary

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