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Meet Ignited Swag-2

Welcome to Dream.Build.Success. CEO Confessions where we share the untold success secrets of fearless bosses! One major life changing lesson I’ve learned on my Entrepreneurial journey is that the real power, the true leverage is in people. We learn from one another, we support one another and most importantly, we connect one another. My goal is to always learn at least one lesson from everyone I come in contact with because our connection was no accident.

Have you ever had the opportunity to meet people who are driven by purpose and passion? Well, I met this phenomenal couple at the Success Conference in July. They are amazing entrepreneurs who are on fire with Kingdom Business. The Dream Team and myself are super pumped about the Ignited Swag movement. You will be empowered and ignited when you hear how their ideas and dreams collide with destiny. Please visit their website!



I.G.N.I.T.E.D. Which stands for (Infusing Gods Nature In The Earth Daily) has been in business since May 9, 2016. We currently reside in a small town in Texas named Eagle Lake, and we plan to spread like a wild fire outside of our county line.

Our business was created to help Ignite people in every area of their life through our clothing and home decor line.

The grand opening day for our small business was May 9, 2016. Which was a perfect time to utilize our faith ,using all of our vast resources as well as gifts and talents to serve God and man.

The best thing about being an entrepreneur is that we are able to connect with the saved and unsaved and help inject them with the truth all while looking fashionable and leaving their homes with a taste of heaven.

The services we offer are the following, customize window signs for all sorts of businesses as well as the matching window decals. We also customize shirts for all occasions including businesses, sporting events, family reunions, class reunions. We have also added the I.G.N.I.T.E.D. Baby line that will give the new arrivals the same opportunity to spread the same positive customized messages as well.

We are not limited to shirts, I believe our home decor line will have the same if not greater impact. Our main goal is to use the gifts and talents we posses and help plant good seeds for our community, that will overflow into the surrounding towns.

In our free time when we are not dealing with our business we spend as much time interacting with our children and their sporting events as well as being a full time college student currently attending Prairie View A&M.

Jessie &Keandra Upson I.G.N.I.T.E.D.

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