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“2016” is here! Happy New Year, Happy New You! 

Every new year we make new resolutions and pledges to change the things that have been problematic for years. The gyms are packed, healthier food is purchased, travel arrangements are made to bucket list destinations, church attendance increases and savings account deposits are made. Getting out of debt and saving money is the fourth of the top ten commonly broken new year’s resolutions as published in “Time” magazine. Financial topics are usually not fun. We quickly become distracted by social pressure to spend money. Such pressure contributes to the statistic of only 1 in 3 that save. New Year’s resolutions exist because we want to focus specifically on an improvement(s). Most of us recognize that we need to improve in managing our finances. Here are some ways to make becoming financially fit fun!

1. Treat yourself to a small monetary reward when financial goals are met. Examples could include a movie night, a bottle of wine, a desert at your favorite restaurant or a massage. 2. Join a book club where financial books are discussed. 3. Make financial flashcards and learn the definitions of products and terms. 4. Attend financial events, workshops and social mixers. 5. Create a financial spreadsheet or journal to track and monitor your success.

Strengthen your resolve to take control of your health and wealth in 2016. Exercise and meal plans are guides to better health. Completing a “Personal Financial Strategy” is your road map to wealth. Remember as you take this journey not to succumb to temptation and social pressure and enjoy the ride!


About the Author: LaShonda Johnson is a licensed certified financial educator. She is also a founder of Hou$ton Hou$ewives of Finance where, “Our clients mean the world to us! To be able to change a life financially is a very rewarding mission. Each principle here at HHF started like everyone else, letting our finances manage our lives. We all knew how to work hard for money and how to spend money. As we embraced the powerful impact of learning how to manage our finances, we each realized that we wanted to teach others how to accomplish what we have – a solid financial foundation!” Please visit our website at: Hou$ton Hou$ewives of Finance.

Financial Fitness in 2016

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