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SHIFT Mentorship

The SHIFT Mentorship Program...It's your turn to #SHIFT. You now can apply to the Shift Mentorship initiative.

Marketplace, Ministry, Creatives... it's time to #SHIFT this mentoring program is not for everyone. It's specifically for individuals who desire accelerated growth in personal and professional development.

When it comes to success, there is more to it than what you “see.” Speaking, blogging, posting on social media, having a product company, sending out newsletters…all that is helpful but if you don’t have the master system that makes it all work, you’ll never make enough to replace your salary, you don’t have to do it alone.

I know this because I learned it the hard way. After spending 6 YEARS working for a company and giving my heart every single day making a decent income, it was obvious I was missing something really" important…. my purpose.

After I had my WAKE-UP CALL, I fell into a binge of late-night website worrying, hoping I could “research” what other successful female entrepreneurs were doing that I wasn’t.

I've taught around the nation and most recently internationally. The conferences I host are life-transforming. It's time to SHIFT into destiny, produce more profits, and take your message and monetize.

FAITH + BIZ on Lock.... join my exclusive waitlist...

Save your seat today at

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