Shift Your Purpose

Shoutout to the underdog, underestimated, non-conforming people. Can you say A.Whole.Notha.Level. If you only knew how much I lost, you would understand my drive. They called it rebellious. He called it purpose. #boom They said “she changed.” He said, #Shift daughter. I got tired of dumbing down my God-given purpose to make people feel okay about there compromise. #true It’s also called... living in a place called Lo-debar. Lo-debar was a town in the Old Testament in Gilead n

SHIFT Mentorship

The SHIFT Mentorship Program...It's your turn to #SHIFT. You now can apply to the Shift Mentorship initiative. Marketplace, Ministry, Creatives... it's time to #SHIFT this mentoring program is not for everyone. It's specifically for individuals who desire accelerated growth in personal and professional development. When it comes to success, there is more to it than what you “see.” Speaking, blogging, posting on social media, having a product company, sending out newsletters…a