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Business and branding can be overwhelming and that can leave you paralyzed with fear. Believe me, I fight through fear everyday. One way I was able to decrease overwhelm and fear when it came to business and branding was to make it as fun as possible. I mean it. Basing my approach in fun has worked wonders for me and that has definitely translated to the Dream & Build Success audience.

One fun exercise that I like to do that helps me to get really clear on the essence of my business, get clear on the purpose and values of my business, and bring my brand to life is to answer the following question:

pink office-8

What would your business be like if he/she was a person?

Sounds crazy, right? It may sound a little odd, but it is really fun and you’ll be surprised at how much more clear you are about your business and brand once you’re done. Complete the full exercise below to bring your brand to life.

Business & Brand Persona Exercise:

What your business be like if he/she was a person?



Voice (i.e – soft spoken & direct):

Characteristics (i.e – loyal, honest, kind):





What is he/she like when out for brunch?

What places would he/she travel to?

How does he/she serve others?

Now that you’ve thought about your business as a person, share a little bit about what kind of person your business is in the comments below.



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