I’m remembering the feedback from the last VIP Mastermind, recall the businesses, collaborations and the new profit channels that developed from the session- and I think back to 6 years ago, having the scary idea of creating a platform to reach and teach women all over the world. I remember wishing for a chance to expand Dream Build Success, and hoping for a chance to speak more, and looking for an opportunity to reach women in London, China, Brazil, and Australia and every c


So, you’ve ended the week more tired, but not a dollar richer? This is a common problem. You put on a suit, you shuffled some emails, you had a coffee meeting, you worked a job, etc, but you haven’t moved an inch further towards growing your business or making money. You allowed your day to be ruled by tasks and people who aren’t in your money lane, who are on your purpose train and you may not be aware and certainly not focused on your #1’s. Checkout your daily assignments


We are super excited to announce we are now accepting our 2017 Global Blog Contributors! As we expand in business our audience is also expanding globally. This is your opportunity to join our amazing movement! We feel this is a great way to connect with others in business. Perhaps, the best part of guest posting is that it allows you to enter an already-established community, and share your message. It allows you to connect with new people, which can ultimately benefit you, i


TOP 40 AWARDS So last week I announced that I was nominated be recognized as one of Houston’s Top 40 to watch. Wow, what an amazing opportunity. I made my way down to downtown Houston on Saturday evening with the team to check it out, and all I could think about the entire way there was how much of a dream come true this was. Since I launched my first business a few years ago, it’s been a goal of mine to get products and services out across the world. As a woman of faith to b


PRIORITIZE YOUR LIFE It’s time to get your life and business together. I’m talking about real change that can increase your pockets! I can remember when I couldn’t get my life together… it’s amazing how a few priority adjustments can help get your life together, faith, and family. One characteristic of successful people is that their actions match their goals. Everything in their lives is aligned, working toward one goal. There is no room for habits, friends, fears or any ot


FREE Business Strategy Consultation The objective of this consultation is to learn more about your business goals, obstacles, and profit streams and determine how I can help refine, refocus, and redirect you to better aim for your target through focused goal planning and being more strategic. Complete this form to schedule your 15 minute consultation with me! . . Let’s kick your purpose into overdrive! I am super excited to connect with you and your brand! Inspired, LaShanda


3 LESSONS I LEARNED FROM THE OLYMPICS As an entrepreneur, you’re always looking for the next strategy, next big idea or innovative way of doing something. You can literally be inspired by anything. Last week I as definitely inspired and I learned a few lessons. Here are the top 3: Real bosses can come up even when they mess up – Am I the only one who saw Simone Biles commercial frenzy? This lady literally got a check for having fun. Genius entrepreneurs find a way to capitali


CONFESSIONS OF A BOSS Welcome to Dream.Build.Success. where we share the insider success secrets of bold female bosses! One major life changing lesson I’ve learned on my Entrepreneurial journey is that the real power, the true leverage is in people. We learn from one another, we support one another and most importantly, we connect one another. My goal is to always learn at least one lesson from everyone I come in contact with because our connection was no accident. So, in thi


KEEP YOUR BRAND ON FIRE! Let’s be honest, who wants to chase a mediocre dream? Not me! Your dream should fill you with excitement and be driven by your passion, which means your approach needs to include all of those aspects. There is no such thing as a lazy, successful entrepreneur. Yikes, that sounds so ridiculous. Being outworked is a very easy way to lose current and potential clients. So ask yourself: “Am I doing just enough?” “Do you go the extra mile for your clients


TOUGH QUESTIONS EVERY BOSS SHOULD ASK! I hope your week is off to super success and inspiration. When I first started this journey, I didn’t know what was ahead; I only knew what I needed. Just like every true entrepreneur, when you cannot find what you need, you have to create it. So, BAM! Dream.Build.Success. was born of course out of my need. Let’s be honest, who wants to chase a mediocre dream? Your dream should fill you with excitement and be driven by your passion, whic


SUCCESS CONFERENCE DETAILS Are you interested in discovering how to EFFECTIVELY attract success in your life and business? If you are plagued with unsettling thoughts of running out of time before you can reach your goals…or that it’s already too late for you to make a great impact in society… Or in the past you minimized your dreams and put them off…but now you’re ready to reawaken your dreams and get out of life what’s meant for you to have… Now you want to take control of


Top 15 Cities For Female Entrepreneurs With the numbers crunched, it wasn’t surprising to see who came out on top. New York City leads the rest of the country in both the number (143) of and dollar amount ($42,281,500) of SBA-backed loans granted to women in the last year, a critical element of starting any business. The number two city on the list—taking the place of last year’s second spot, San Francisco—is Houston, Texas, followed by Dallas. According to the AMEX OPEN Stat


WHAT TERRIFIES YOU IN BUSINESS? Doing videos? Hosting webinars? Speaking from the stage? Well, what if I told you that the very thing you’re most afraid of is exactly the thing you should be doing? (Stay with me, here!) I’m a big believer that your business is the best vehicle for personal growth and the only way to grow is to stretch outside of your comfort zone and do things that you are scared to do. Looking back on my own experiences, I’ve realized that the things that sc


YOUR GOALS & DREAMS Goal setting and visualization are so important when it comes to manifesting what you want, but so often we forget to do it! It can be so easy to get caught up in day to day tasks and dilemmas that we forget all about our goals and end up focusing on what’s going wrong or worrying about things that could go wrong. The problem when we focus our attention on these kinds of things is that it can lead us off track… we lose sight of our goals and dreams. So, in

27 Ways to Turn Any Lemon Situation into Lemonade

27 Ways to Turn Any Lemon Situation into Lemonade Many of you may not know but my community and family have been directly impacted by the Richmond-Rosenberg floods in Texas. I wanted to take a few minutes to share some things we do when life gives you lemons. Take two minutes and enjoy this list of my 27 tips to turn any lemon situation into lemonade. Just remember, small things can help you appreciate yourself, your loved ones, and the world around you will add up to big cha


This is The Year of The Entrepreneur If you’ve been thinking of launching a new business or ramping up your current one…your time is now. Tons of entrepreneurs are registered for the “GO BIG Business Expo.” We are ready to give you the key principles and strategy you need to accelerate your success and multiply your income. We’re asking you to come and get our blueprints, templates and scripts and use them in your own business to create total financial freedom. When you take


5 MYTHS OF ENTREPRENUERSHIP Statistics show that at least 50% of new startups fail within five years, and many of the survivors eventually fail. If you don’t want to be part of these statistics, consider all the alternatives to starting your own business, especially if you have one of the following perspectives: 1      “I’m tired of working hard and being so stressed all the time.” Starting and growing a business is more work and more stress than any employee role should be.

22K IN 30 DAYS

22K IN 30 DAYS It’s the last days of May and summer fun is on the way. $22K in 30 days has been chanting in my head since yesterday. I am amazingly proud, ready to share my knowledge and amazed. Parts of my mind still don’t believe. Very small parts are afraid it can’t be done again and the biggest part is tapping me on the shoulder, squaring up and ready to kick the second quarter into the next level UP SIZE. I want to end this Month on the highest note so I have a Grind and

Are You Giving Your Power Away?

Are You Giving Your Power Away? Yesterday morning, I woke up to this: 0800– A call from someone I hadn’t heard from in a while…asking to borrow money. 0830- A call to help someone write a 5,000 word book…for free. 0852– A call asking if I could volunteer at an organization. 0915– A call to visit a few people who are leaving town soon. 0950– An “urgent” email asking me to help someone with a project that they’re working on. 1005– 20 emails asking me for my HARDCORE advice. 102

The 6 Business Assets that are More Important than Your Business Plan

The 6 Business Assets that are More Important than Your Business Plan One of the most popular questions I get asked whenever I talk about online business building is always about business plans. For one reason or another, the concept of a business plan, what it is, why it’s necessary and how to create your own, always seems to be a primary concern to beginner business owners and/or those who are curious about online business and thinking about starting their own. When you are