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So, you’ve ended the week more tired, but not a dollar richer? This is a common problem. You put on a suit, you shuffled some emails, you had a coffee meeting, you worked a job, etc, but you haven’t moved an inch further towards growing your business or making money. You allowed your day to be ruled by tasks and people who aren’t in your money lane, who are on your purpose train and you may not be aware and certainly not focused on your #1’s.

Checkout your daily assignments.

Those tasks that you must do to grow the business. Those meeting with key people. People who can sign checks and book entry visas.

Again, it’s all in how you arrange and organize your day. Today, I want to save you time, frustration, and hopefully make you some money by helping you to zero in on your hands touching ONLY money tasks while allowing those who support you to actually support you. Because at the end of the day, who cares if you wore a suit, and passed out business cards? The appearance of business only serves our ego and definitely not our bank accounts…..

Let’s go for it… First, know the goal. Yep, knowing what you are aiming for wins you half the battle. It’s truly disheartening to see someone going really fast in the wrong direction. So take purposeful AIM. Who do you want to meet. Who do you want to do business with? How much money/connections/clients do you want/need to make today/this week/this month’s goals?

• Write all these goals down and put a leash on them ( deadline) • Before you step out in the mornings go through and organize your To Do list. • There should be a column for calls you need to make, emails you need to send, your projects ongoing, your money etc. • The ONLY items that should be in your personal list as opposed to the list you’ve created for your virtual or live assistants should be money items. Let’s pause here…..

Do you know what you do best? Do you know how to make the biggest impact in your business? What should your role be? I know that I am absolutely horrible at doing spreadsheets, pivot tables, or organizing anything other than my closet. BUT, I just found this out a few years ago.

I’ve wasted time just like you adding tasks that I’m not good at, that are not A Level, that don’t get me in front of the check writing man, and letting myself get frustrated because I couldn’t perfect said tasks.

Once I asked myself- LaShanda, what’s your talent ( selling/marketing/strategy/money ). Then I asked myself, how can you do more of those tasks and get your butt out-of-the-way of letting folks do the other things.

You see everything that takes you away from working on your core talents in your business is a disservice to you, your business, and your profits.

So now, • What are you good at? What’s the best role you should play in your business? • Do any of the items on your To Do list have you in your Talent Role? • If they don’t, politely take them off your list and put them on your assistant’s list. • Next, no agenda-less meetings… Yep…. I will beat this tip into the ground. But would you rather have wasted time in an a meeting with someone who hasn’t done a stitch of research about your business or be called a witch who’s selective about her time, gets paid her worth and uses her spare time to grow her spiritual, romantic, and health buckets…… ( hint: sticks and stones. sticks and stones CEOs)

So, now your list is reworked. You are not only giving the appearance of business you are actually running a business- keeping in mind a business makes money. So until you can take all of this shuffling of emails, positive meetings to the bank you need to become the BEST purger you can.

Nope, you’re not in this for play.

No, you don’t have plenty of time to waste.

Yes, you MUST make money or you’re playing.

No, you don’t have to say yes to every meeting.

Let’s Work,


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