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Let’s be honest, who wants to chase a mediocre dream? Not me! Your dream should fill you with excitement and be driven by your passion, which means your approach needs to include all of those aspects. There is no such thing as a lazy, successful entrepreneur. Yikes, that sounds so ridiculous. Being outworked is a very easy way to lose current and potential clients.

So ask yourself:

“Am I doing just enough?” “Do you go the extra mile for your clients or stand out?” “Do you invest in yourself either by taking the time to learn the latest, doing your own research or taking courses?”

“Are you forging your own path and being unique or are you using watered down versions of other’s success?”

“What was the last crazy idea you had that came out amazing?”

If you can’t answer all of the questions above with a positive note, it may be time to look at what you are doing. People want to be a part of amazing brands, they want to feel the energy and the excitement, are your actions giving off that feeling?

Take some time this week as you get your weekly goals together to really define the fire behind your brand, let me know in the comments how you are being outstanding.

Need help getting your strategy together? If so, make sure you checkout my coaching sessions. They are amazing, many of my clients businesses and lives are changed in less than 90 days.


LaShanda Gary

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