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Stand Out From the Competition


There’s nothing quite so devastating as realizing you’re not as unique as you thought you were.

Maybe you started your business believing that you had a completely revolutionary idea/product/approach, and that there was no one else out there doing that thing… Until you found the website of that person who is almost exactly the same as you…

Or maybe your business is just naturally similar to many others.  If you’re an accountant, you make candles, or you sell an MLM product, there are literally thousands of other people out there, doing what you do, competing with you…

It can be disheartening, yet it’s a fairly universal problem.  There are very, very few businesses that are truly one-of-a-kind — and if you do happen on a totally novel idea, you can bet you’ll have copycats hot on your heels.

I don’t really believe in competition. Now, obviously, I have competitors.  There are other people out there who sell decorative pillows, Greek life apparel, and business consulting and advice — lots of people! But I don’t view any one of them as direct competition, because I understand my USP.


A USP is your Unique Selling Proposition, and it’s the benefit, advantage, appealing promise or unique feature you offer that sets you apart from your so-called competitors. If you want to succeed, it’s vital that you carefully craft a clear, compelling, strong USP into the very fabric of your business and every aspect of your marketing and branding.

So where do you start?  Well, you can start first of all with my Uncover Your USP Worksheet Discovering your USP

You don’t have to change your product or service to find your compelling USP, but you do have to position your product or service as having a unique benefit that your customers are not getting from your competitors. That positioning happens in your branding, your marketing, your customer service, your customer interactions, and any other customer touchpoint.

The more measurable, comparable, demonstrable, or quantifiable your advantage, the more powerful it will be. For example:

  1. if you can use a number, like “2 times better” or “94% more effective”

  2. if you can save people time or money (two of the most powerful drivers) over your competition

  3. if you provide a higher level of service or a higher quality product

  4. if you are the luxury/discount alternative

  5. or if you have a different approach or experience

These are all excellent ways to differentiate yourself. You must determine the most powerful benefit or advantage that you can possibly offer to an existing or future client so that it will be totally irrational for them to choose to do business with anyone but YOU.

And you need to communicate this benefit in a BIG, BOLD way. Incorporate that fact into everything that you say and do to educate them to see and appreciate that advantage.


Understanding your product or service, and understanding how it can benefit others is paramount to selling. Your customers want to buy from someone who is an expert in their field and at what they do, so you need to assert yourself as an authority in order to gain trust.

Realize what you can make possible for your customers and OWN THAT VALUE.Your client’s success becomes directly tied to your own.

Ready to uncover what makes you unique in the eyes of your clients and customers? Download my Uncover Your USP worksheet and start defining the little (and big!) things that make you unquestionably YOU.



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