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One of the biggest challenges most business owners have is creating good content for their business blogs. I’ve visited too many blogs that were stacked with press releases and random sporadic posts and has come to the conclusion that business owners abandon or neglect their blog because they don’t know what to post. When you are writing in your niche, sometimes it may feel like you’ve run out of topics. Yet, I know from experience, when you are constantly learning and experiencing new things, you will always have great information to share.

The first place that I look for blog content is in my Business Journal. I often record notes from books that I have read or from audio programs. Any idea that comes to me I write in my journal for later development. This process is key because it allows you to develop your authentic perspective and voice on a given subject. I also capture key talking points in my journal after meeting with clients. Oftentimes, people usually ask the same questions and once I notice a pattern, I seek to discover a universal way to address the issue.

The second tool that I use to consistently produce good content is the Productivity and Planner, which has a monthly blog calendar in it. By taking time to think of several blogging topics and planning a schedule, it is much easier to publish often and effectively.

If you want to know the secret to delivering valuable content that makes your readers think, inspires others and makes a lasting impact, read on for my top five ideas for delivering high quality business blog content all the time!

Top Themes You Can Use To Build A Booming Business Blog

1 A Peak into Your Personal Life: Facts tell, but stories sell. Find a way to weave bits and pieces of who you are into the information that you share to give readers a personal connection to you and your content. Your audience will love a good story that illustrates a point or explains your interpretation of an idea. They want to know if you practice what you preach. Once you’ve made a connection, you draw your readers in closer. They are more likely to engage on a higher level (investing in your products or services) because they have gotten more comfortable with you. While you don’t need to over share on the private details, consider relevant personal information that your audience can learn from and relate to. I actually created a blog just to share a more personal and lifestyle side of myself with my audience.

2. Action Packed How to Lists: My favorite kind of articles are ones that offer tips and steps to get things done. The more detailed, the better. I appreciate authors who provide useful information in the article. This kind of information is often bookmarked or shared with others because of its usefulness. To be effective, make your posts cause people to walk away with a complete understanding of the process you’re trying to teach. Show good illustrations, share good examples, give the details on how to get the job done. Whatever it is…don’t skimp. Let your words lead to results.

3. Powerful Product Reviews: Product reviews are very useful. Readers are constantly looking for validation before making a purchase or just need some new tools to upgrade with. People want to know what tools you use, what products work for you, what apps you can’t live without. The lists of products you cosign adds credibility with your audience and empowers your tribe to take more action. They’ll remember where the good referrals came from, and come back for more. So clue them in on your favorite gadgets and apps.

4. Hot Lists: Blog posts that are lists are very effective and popular. You can create several types of lists. Slideshow lists complete with images and a short paragraph; bulleted lists that gives a complete thought or concept for each line; Brief lists that have little descriptions but may have links or other useful content that makes readers want to bookmark it and use it as a reference later. Lists establish your blog as a resource that can be shared and visited often.

5. Pictorial Post. A picture is worth a thousand words. Keep your blog aesthetically pleasing and powerful by using images to illustrate your content. This kind of blog post may be made up of more images than words, yet still be very powerful. Here’s why: images can express the overall emotion of the post, you can use images to illustrate a point; you can draw the reader in and compliment your headline with a great photo.

Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your feedback, please leave a comment below!


LaShanda Gary

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