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As you read this post, I am in finishing up a strategy consultation and getting really excited about the sessions we have planned for you in the 2017 Success Conference.

I’m remembering the feedback from the last VIP Mastermind, recall the businesses, collaborations and the new profit channels that developed from the session- and I think back to 6 years ago, having the scary idea of creating a platform to reach and teach women all over the world. I remember wishing for a chance to expand Dream Build Success, and hoping for a chance to speak more, and looking for an opportunity to reach women in London, China, Brazil, and Australia and every corner of the earth.

Then, I remember the day I stopped wishing for a chance, and simply took the chance I was given. That’s what this entire conference is about. It’s a unique chance for women and men, all over the world to experience an environment powerfully cultivated with one HUGE goal in mind. GO BIG or else!

To not just tell you, that you can do it. To not just send you off feeling,  “Empowered” or cheer-leading you on without the skills to create something profitable, but to give you the tools that you need to start, grow, and expand your business. The Success Conference is, for many of you, your chance, should you choose to take it. Most of you are ready for this chance.

You are ready to really grow this idea you’ve been tossing about in your head.You’re tired of begging for your fees, trying to explain your value and worth meeting after meeting, getting calls from people who are basically kicking tires and are not really ready or can afford to work with you?


Over the last year, my team and I have created one of the most powerful, thoroughly comprehensive conference’s that will help you determine and get laser focused on what you truly need to do, then build a strategy that zeros in on the key tasks to get you to your goal. This conference was no easy feat to create. It is filled with the speakers and my own sweat, tears, missed opportunities, lost money and time spent shuffling around the wrong focuses and definitely the wrong aim. We have extremely high expectations of this life changing session.

After this conference, MOST attendees can find their EXACT time wasters, and understand precisely where and how to focus their efforts to get the results they want. They start to understand who their client is, where to find them, what exactly to offer them, and how to build the business that they want.

Pure clarity.

So, there you have it. We are just shy of a few weeks away from the Success Conference. June 3rd, Houston, Texas!!! Now, I want to open the doors for you.

It totally annoys me to see businesses stay stuck in the same place, peddling FAST to nowhere. This is the opportunity, the chance that many of you need. I feel totally confident in the speaker’s and my ability to get you where you need to be. But only CEOs, if you TAKE the chance given you to….

With Great Expectations,


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