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In order to attract and keep wealth, you must upgrade your money mindset. Many people go to school, work hard on their jobs, grind day in and day out…barely getting by. It’s not because they don’t make good money. It’s because you have to have a positive outlook and a positive relationship with money in order to attract more of it into your life.

Wealth is a state of mind. When you learn how to have a definitive wealthy mindset, you will be able to attract it to you anytime you want it. There are many laws to prosperity that once you have been made aware of, can truly change your life. I am going to share just a few with you today.

  1. Money loves attention.

Pay attention to your money. Often times, when funds are low and the bills are high, it’s easy to want to just ignore it all. You avoid your bank account, refuse to open your mail, ignore the amassing amount of debt and hope that it will all just go away.

Unfortunately, instead of going away it will only continue to grow until you turn your focus on it and start to do something about your financial situation. If you want to create more wealth you have to pay attention to your current money.

Start with a simple step of gathering the money in your wallet or purse and organize the dollars and cents. Count your money every day. This simple act will keep you aware of how much you have on you.  Start checking your bank account daily as well. Don’t let a low balance discourage you, instead be grateful for what you have and declare that more is on the way!

Next, gather your debts and create a list of what is owed. Start by paying off what you can as much as you can.  Resist the urge to clench up and not pay anything. The more you pay the more money will start to flow into your life. Money is currency…it flows on a current, you have to keep it in circulation to have more flowing to you.

  1. See yourself wealthy.

Visualization is an amazing tool to becoming a money magnet. I often tell my clients to put a picture of money where they can see it often. Meditate on it daily and allow your subconscious to accept that this money is for you. Many clients have reported that they were carrying around in their wallet a million-dollar bill that I had given them at a conference. Every time they opened their wallet, they asked, where’s my thousand dollars? Soon they starting getting money in thousand dollar increments. One client picked up overtime on her job to earn an additional $1000. Another was sent a check from the IRS for $4000.

You have to see more money coming into your life. Take time every day to imagine checks in the mail, money being handed to you, deals closing, offers being made, people buying your products. The longer you can hold this image in your mind, the more real it becomes, the more money will flow to you.

  1. Speak to your money.

A great philosopher once said, “Money can’t talk, but it can hear.” Call wealth into your life on a daily basis using positive affirmation. Just as plants grow and bloom with positive affirmations, so will your bank account when you start speaking to your money. Command money to come to you. Declare that you are a money magnet. One client used positive affirmations to get out of debt and launch her own business. She went from owing over $5,000 to paying off her bills and successfully earning $10K/month in her business.

Never ever say, “money isn’t important” or “it’s not about the money”, this kind of negative talk will only push money away from you.

  1. Invest in your advancement

You have to sow to grow—especially when times are tight. It is better that you invest in a life-changing secret to get you out of a dire situation forever, than to use that money for a quick fix and be right back in the same spot again next month.  It’s time you learn the secrets that will put you in control of your money! No longer do you have to fear and be intimidated by your financial circumstances. The right information can turn your life around in an instant.

I have a client who invested her big chunk of her meager savings into attending a conference. While there she learned the secrets to attracting wealth. On the break, she went into the hall, made a few phone calls and sold some shoes that had been in storage for years. She had been needing money for a long time and was able to earn $500 in one hour from being at that event.

You can’t keep doing what you’ve been doing and expecting a different result. Information changes the seasons of your life. I want to help you attract more wealth into your business and life.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. List your comments below!



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