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Are You Giving Your Power Away?

power away

Yesterday morning, I woke up to this:

0800– A call from someone I hadn’t heard from in a while…asking to borrow money.

0830- A call to help someone write a 5,000 word book…for free.

0852– A call asking if I could volunteer at an organization.

0915– A call to visit a few people who are leaving town soon.

0950– An “urgent” email asking me to help someone with a project that they’re working on.

1005– 20 emails asking me for my HARDCORE advice.

1020– An “urgent” call from an “colleague” who wanted to kill me softly with all the reasons her life sucked.

1022– The garbage man ran early so I missed my opportunity to get rid of all the clutter, we work on bagging for six hours.

What a morning!!! 

Can you relate to wanting people to understand that you’re just one person?

Can you relate to feeling guilty for turning everyone down because deep down inside you know that they REALLY need your help?

Can you relate to wanting to throw your new cellphone in the toilet?!?!?

If so, let today be the last day that you put the priorities of others before you put your own priorities.

I said no to EVERYONE who contacted me this morning because I’m FULLY aware that I can’t get ahead with my own goals if I’m always saying yes to everyone else’s! If this is something that you struggle with, you can create boundaries by making a list of the things that you REFUSE to do.


:: I don’t teach people how to write/self-publish their book for free. If they want to be taught everything I’ve learned within the last eight years in the publishing game…I suggest enrolling in an AWESOME program I teach at

:: I don’t allow people to “pick my brain.” This is a business. Not a hobby.

:: I don’t hang around gossips, complainers, or pessimists. They make my skin crawl.

:: I don’t work with more than 30 people per month. This keeps my creativity juices flowing and allows me not to experience burn-outs.

:: I don’t offer unsolicited advice to anyone anymore. Not under any circumstance. I believe that if someone doesn’t ask for your opinion and you give it anyway, it’s a form of abuse. I’ve learned that people have to be ready to hear the truth…and they will let you know when that time comes.

Saying NO to people has been by far one of the greatest decisions I’ve made in my personal and professional life.

Go ahead…try it for yourself.

Make your own list right now and start implementing it this week. Say no to people with your head held high and take your power back!!!

Because I want you to believe in yourself. HARDER than you ever thought possible. God is unto something great and I don’t want to miss his will in my life!


LaShanda Gary

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