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It was about eight years ago that I was depressed and I will never forget it. My Bank of America account was $130 negative from trying to pay my bills with money I did not have. My pantry was light and we struggled for real. It was a challenge, we were educated but broke.

I felt like a total loser. You mean I spent all those years in college just to end up like this. The job I had couldn’t cover my basic needs. There was rent, electricity, the car payment, car insurance, student loans, and more. Not only was I broke but my self-esteem took a major blow due to stressing over finances. Since I didn’t have any cable in my home as a last resort I would entertain myself by reading books. During this time I read: Outwitting The Devil, The Millionaire Mindset, Calling in the One, and Think and Grow Rich. I’ll break each one down very briefly so you can understand why these resources changed my life. You can click the hyperlinks to find the books on Amazon in case you are interested in exploring them further.

  1. Bible – I am a christian woman. I believe that the Bible is our main source as an entrepreneur. But along with scripture you need to apply modern day business sense. I asked God to open my eyes and heart so could understand his word. This book changed my life and my family.

  2. Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill– I recommend this book to everyone. It discusses why only 2% of the people in our world have all of the financial wealth. It addresses a phenomenon known as “drifting.” Life for me at the time when I was almost homeless was just happening to me. I wasn’t in control of myself because I let my mind drift day in and day out without productivity. Once I learned to control my thought process things turned around.

  3. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eckart– This book showed me how wasteful I was with my resources. I didn’t have any money because I didn’t use my money to make money. I just spent it. Growing up I wasn’t taught the value of money and how to invest into something that would work in my favor. This book showed me ways in which to do that.

  4. Calling in the One by Katherine Woodward– I was emotionally angry with friends, family, and my career. Believe it or not being able to forgive people kept success from me. I was so hurt by people I from my past, that I carried this emotional baggage that effected every area of my life. This beautiful book written by Katherine (a psychotherapist by trade.) Allowed me to release and forgive. It’s a book broken into 7 weeks and it helped heal me.

  5. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill– This helped me not only discover my purpose but put my purpose on track with deadlines. I began creating to do list and setting goals daily.

What Happened Next?

Once I took all of the knowledge that I learned from these books, my life changed. I birthed an international business out of my tragedy. My near homelessness backed me up against the wall and I came out swinging. I pushed my pride aside. Now I own that offers, financial education, credit repair, insurance, and business start-up strategies. Along with that business, I also own Dream.Build.Success. a business created for business development and expansion.

Coming this December, my premier book, Destiny Arise! This is a book is for your purpose and everyday living.

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Too God Be the Glory,

LaShanda Gary

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