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Wow what a quick week at G. Services & Design. We are finishing the plans for a few events next month. It has been smooth sailing at Dream & Build Success. Registration is filling up so quick… I am thanking God for his blessing.

Have you ever just felt stuck in life? Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes and freedom. Many years ago, I discovered that ideas are the key to increase. Whenever I’ve been stuck in my business, or looking for the next step to take, I use my idea generation method to stir up my creativity and come up with my next business breakthrough project. This method has proven to work, over and over again, so I decided to share it with you – along with my all-new Dream Store from my new fall dream line– it will help you have the same kind of results.


I often say… “Good ideas…GOD ideas!” It is essential to know the difference. Psalm 119:133-136 (KJV) Order my steps in thy word: and let not any iniquity have dominion over me.

Why focus on ideas? Ideas are essential. You need ideas to stay relevant in your business. You need ideas to make an impact in your marketing. You need ideas to build your tribe on social media. New ideas help your business to progress. When you run out of ideas, you will eventually run out of business. You can’t keep doing the same thing year after year and expect new results. Our culture is ever evolving – your company should be too.

You have to meet the demands of your industry and audience… that only happens when you spend time pondering new and improved ways to do business. Innovation is key to your success. Ideas are just as important to your business lifeline as the money you have coming in. It is all connected. How do you think legacy brands stay in business? They continue to add a new idea on classic product.


For example, look at Coca Cola’s innovative ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, which produces cans and bottles with names and terms of endearment like ‘Bestie’ on them. People love seeing their name in print, and the idea that drinking a Coke brings them closer to another person! That was an awesome idea to get people drinking and sharing a classic soda.

Your next big breakthrough will come from your next big idea! Whether it’s a bigger market share, new marketing strategies, or larger profits – it all starts with your ideas. Grateful,


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