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It’s time to get your life and business together. I’m talking about real change that can increase your pockets! I can remember when I couldn’t get my life together… it’s amazing how a few priority adjustments can help get your life together, faith, and family. One characteristic of successful people is that their actions match their goals. Everything in their lives is aligned, working toward one goal. There is no room for habits, friends, fears or any other distraction that could get you off track. You must literally develop tunnel vision and create priorities.

A good way to prioritize, is with a weekly To Do List. I find that creating a weekly list on Sunday helps me to organize and plan better as opposed to creating a list each day. This way, I can be sure my workout is included, my meetings are scheduled and my daily tasks are complete. I put everything on my list! I’ve even started putting affirmations on my list, such as ‘expect new partnership’ or ‘financial blessings from an unexpected source.’ You would be surprised how many things I’ve brought to fruition from my To Do list. Again, consistency is key. You have to form a habit of creating and completing it. When you see all that you’ve accomplished, you will feel like you’ve made the most of your time.

Ask yourself, How are you using your 24 hours? I mean really think about it. If you have 24 hours in each day, and the average person sleeps for 7 hours- you’re already down to 17. If you’re part of the majority, you spend 8 hours working on someone else’s projects (working a job) then you’re down to 9. Let’s say your commute to work is 1 hour total (and I’m being really generous here, because I’m sure the commute is longer than that in most cities.) Now you’re at 8.

What can you do to make the most of those 8 hours? How can you prioritize yourself so that you can make constant progress toward your goals? By eliminating all distractions. Why spend another second of your precious 8 hours doing nothing? By nothing, I mean hanging out/watching TV/gossiping/minding other people’s business etc. etc. etc.

Let’s work! I’d love to hear how you make it happen. The true key to success is application… now let’s work.


LaShanda Gary

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