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Over 2,000 people signed up in 72 hours! Now… YES is going to change your life!!! Say yes today to your goals, dreams, visions, passions, purpose, promise, and provisions.

Stop trying to structure your business and your life to make your friends, your family, and the world happy.

You can’t make them happy. They don’t want to be happy.

You also can’t make them like you. They barely like themselves. (Don’t believe me? Check their FB feed riiiiiight now. That’ll prove it)

I’ve been an entrepreneur for years, and a woman who’s been delivered from people even longer than I can remember (insert praise break here) and one thing that I’ve learned is…I AM NOT FOR EVERYBODY.

And neither are you.

How you talk…isn’t for everybody. The books that God is calling you to write…isn’t for everybody.

The business He told you to create…isn’t for everybody.

How you give advice…isn’t for everybody.

Who you give your advice to…isn’t for everybody.

The way you raise your children…isn’t for everybody. Your vision boards and goals…ARE NOT FOR EVERYBODY.

Beginning Sunday – March 12th through Saturday March 18th.

We will deal with real life issues…

Intimidation, Fear, Anxiety, Disobedience, Stress, Vision, Distractions, Anxiety, and Prayer

Are you ready for this Challenge? DOWNLOAD THE DAY ONE WORK BOOK: Yes Challenge – Day 1

The best news yet!!!!! It’s completely FREE!!!!

Join Me,

LaShanda Gary

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