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3 Tips to Have an Amazing Holiday Sale!


Hey Success Family!

I hope everyone is having a great day, I know for entrepreneurs that are transitioning to full time business owners this is a great time to focus on your business. I wanted to drop a few tips on how to position yourself for the best holiday season. It is the biggest list of need to know tools and knowledge that I’ve used to help my clients achieve hundreds of followers, communities that connect, and have their first $1k a month for some of them.

My Top 3 Tips to Have an Amazing Holiday Sale!

#1-Have a plan. The wonderful things about holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. is that they tend to happen on a certain day or date so there is no reason to be surprised and unprepared. For this week but also upcoming holidays such as, New Year’s Valentines, President’s Day, and Martin Luther King, and of course Christmas your business needs to be ready. Decide what products you will introduce or bring back for sale. Determine what your prices will be and most importantly how will the products you offer help your clients? Are they learning something, building, getting a chance to look great, etc. what will they gain from taking part in your holiday sale?

#2 Acknowledge and Welcome. The holidays are a great time to show appreciation to current members of your tribe but also welcome in new ones. Do you have classes/webinars/ or eBooks you can bundle as an appreciation sale? For example 🙂 I put together my two best-selling eBooks as well as one of the most popular classes I’ve ever hosted here. It includes

The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Sales

This allows my current clients to catch a deal if they’ve been needing a price break to invest in their business but also a great way to introduce my products to newer members of the tribe and still offer a ton of value.

  1. Have a set time and promote. Flash sales need to be just that. You want your audience to act quickly. I use to create countdown timers that you can add to your emails and webpages.

Remember if you have sales graphics on your Instagram page they should be removed at the end of the sale to keep your page looking great. A great sale is pointless though if you don’t promote or advertise it though. This weekend is a great time to use the Promote feature in Instagram to boost your sales graphics, reach out to promo pages for a shout out, and of course utilize all of your platforms to let everyone know what you are offering. Mailing list, blog, Instagram, Facebook, Periscope, Instagram Stories, etc. if you have an audience there they should know you are having a sale.

Alright loves, I hope you have an amazing weekend. Feel free to comment if you have any questions.



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